Yellow and White Checkerboard Meta Quest 3 Skin

Sale price$24.99

The "Yellow and White Checkerboard" Meta Quest 3 Skin from Skinit is simple, yet iconic. As a symbol for skaters, British punk ska bands to Spicoli fans, the checkerboard pattern is timeless and always on-trend. This "Yellow and White Checkerboard" Skin will instantly become your favorite Meta Quest 3 accessory the moment you put it on! The Yellow and White Checkerboard Oculus Questskin will enhance your gaming experience while showing off your style all at once. Each Checkerboard skin for Oculus Questare cut and crafted with industry-leading 3M vinyl to perfectly wrap around and cover your Oculus device. Show off your gaming style in a bold way with the Yellow and White Checkerboard Oculus Questskin from Skinit.

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